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The SICAG (North Queensland Chapter) has held a meetings Rockhampton, Mackay & Cairns to discuss options for all our members and interested parties.  By all accounts the meetings were a great success in terms of providing some reassurances and also enlisting more disaffected investors.

There has been some indication that we need to look at “taking the show” to Sydney & Melbourne.  Other areas may need to be added as demand dictates.

If anyone is in a position to assist, please contact us as soon as possible.

Please see the “Events Page” on this site for more details.

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Date: 24 January 2009

06.04.2009         Townsville Bulletin - 6th April 2009


01.03.2009         Regulators probe anomalies in bank information to Storm Financial clients


28.02.2009         Watch this site regularly.  It is a search of parliamentary documents referring to Storm Financial.

27.02.2009         Storm inquiry: 'Let's get to the bottom of it'


21.02.2009         Storms financial maelstrom threatens banks


11.02.2009         Wheels put in motion for a Senate Enquiry.

11.02.2009         The nature of CBA/BOQ links to Storm Crisis start to emerge.

09.02.2009         4 Corners Summary of News & Related articles

01.02.2009         Financial Planning at the Crossroads

31 01.2009         Brief article in the Australian Financial Review … good news!

28.01.2009         ABC (Nth QLD) Radio Interview with Emmanuel Cassimatis


27.01.2009         Watch the “ABC 7:30 Report” here.

27.01.2009           (This letter , written by Mark Weir, is in response to some pretty ordinary                             journalism that has been published of late.)


21.01.2009         Letter to the editor—by Ron Messenger

19.01.2009         Money Management Article -- Seems reasonably factual.





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