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The committee is spearheading the call to action on behalf of everyone in the group.

When contacting any member of the committee, please be aware of the following realities.

1. They are trying to help us all!  Venting your anger or frustration on them will not be helpful.

2. Please be mindful and respectful of the time and date that you wish to call them.  They all still have private lives and calls in the small hours of the morning or even late at night may not be treated with the respect and or consideration that they would normally be afforded..

3. Please limit your contacts to serious matters regarding SICAG and the ongoing actions.

To contact us:

PO Box 587, Redcliffe  QLD 4020

The Elected Committee


Storm Investors Consumer Action Group
(Sth East QLD Chapter)

(SICAG committee)

Newly elected SICAG committee members (from left): Graham Anderson, Noel O’Brien, Peter Wallace, Mark Weir and Mike Fishpool.

Storm Investors Consumer Action Group:
(Townsville, Nth QLD Chapter)

Friends of SICAG

Senator John Williams    Ph:        02 6277 3547
(Federal Senator)           E-mail:

Mark Weir                       Ph:        0409 270333
(Joint Chairman)             E-mail:

Noel O’Brien                   Ph:        0409 627571
(Joint Chairman)             E-mail:

Maggie McGowan          Ph:        0432 588 317
(Treasurer)                      E-mail:

Peter Wallace                  Ph:        (07) 3283-3033

Committeeman                E-mail:


Luke Vogel                      Ph:        (07) 3203 4981

Committeeman                E-mail: