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We have created a dedicated group discussion forum for us to discuss any and all topics that are common to our plight.


Group Discussion Forum

Text Box: For those of you who attended the Redcliffe and Townsville meetings, you might be interested in gaining more inspiration from Nick Vujicic at his website.  Also his corporate web-site has some great stuff.


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This program document may assist you to overcome the trauma of our financial crisis.

Whilst it will never replace professional help, it may assist you with a better understanding of how you can cope with life moving forward.

Crisis Recovery Program

Slater and Gordon Files

Slater and Gordon have provided some relevant files to assist SICAG members including a news update, answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

This Forum is offered to assist those who are suffering depression anxiety etc as a result of the Storm melt-down.

This kind of information is invaluable in dealing with your situation.

Do not for a minute feel that mental health issues should be swept under the carpet; they need to be dealt with … Now!

Please find the following documents regarding this event:

Introductory Letter to SICAG



Mental Health Forum—Mundingurra