Lets Get Busy!

One of the pillars of the group’s activity will be the generation of both public and government pressure.

As disaffected investors, you should be making contact with as many Senators as possible, the end game (at the very least) being a parliamentary enquiry into the banking system.

A draft form letter is available here … please use it!

Click here to find a complete list of Senators and their electoral office addresses. (PDF Document)

Click here for a mailing label document for all the senators at their electoral offices. (Word Document)

Click here for a mailing label document for all senators at their parliament house offices. (Word Document)

Step 1.   Contact Your Senators! … as many as you can!

Lets Get Seriously Busy!

In order to be successful, our campaign needs to muster as much support as possible from every sector of the community including:

· Government

· Industry

· General Public

· Anyone who already has a grievance against the banks, finance industry, regulators, or any other related party.


With this in mind, the only way to mobilise public opinion is to be seen and heard … long and loud!

Everyone needs to get busy writing to local Federal Members, Senators, even your local bank manager! … anyone whom you think will carry the message to the powers that be that (to quote Peter Finch in the movie “Network”)

“We’re as mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore!”

Let them all know that we are preparing for a stoush and that there won’t be any let up until we’re satisfied!

Step 2.   Contact Your Local Member!

Step 3.   Contact Your Banks & Margin Lenders!

The banks (including the margin lenders all have call centres to provide service to their clients.  You are one of their clients.

You have every right to contact them as often as you like to discuss you accounts!

Experience shows us that at the best of times, you tend to sit in a queue on the phone waiting for a “Customer Service Officer” to take your enquiry.

Can you imagine the further reduction in service that the would occur if all disgruntled clients rang their call centres every day!

All banks are required to have in place a formal disputes resolution procedure whereby they are required to provide adequate responses within a suitable timeframe.  If you write to the banks, they are forced to respond to your complaint thoroughly and adequately.  This would result in a considerable amount of resources being utilized to investigate and resond to your complain.

Furthermore, once you have a response (which will no doubt be inadequate) you can then escalate you complaint to Financial Ombudsman Service FOS (formerly Finance Industry Complaints Service—FICS) who are also obliged to seek a resolution of your complaints.  Clearly, if enough of us mobilise, we can cause a major disruption to their services and consequentially and major cost impost to their businesses.

Something else that we’ve learned recently is that for each complaint that is brought against a bank, the FOS charges the bank $5,000.  It is in their interest to avoid complaints!

Contacts Numbers Follow:

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

             Complaints Resolution Process

CBA -  Tonwsville
Level 1, 281-285 Ross River Road
P:  (07) 4727 0785
F:  (07) 4727 0754


Colonial Geared Investments

Call Centre
             Ph:        1800 252 351

Head of Colonial Geared Investments is  Mr. John Clothier
E-mail:   john.clothier@cba.com.au

             Complaints Resolution Process


Macquarie Bank

Call Centre

             Ph:        1800 656 819

             E-Mail:   complaints@macquarie.com

             Complaints Resolution Process


Bank of Queensland

Call Centre

             Ph:        1300 55 72 72

             E-Mail:   Via their web-site

             Complaints Resolution Process


Suncorp Bank

Customer Relations  ( 07)   33621222

             Complaints Resolution Process



             Ph:        1300 300 630

             Complaints Resolution Process



             Ph:        1300 13 10 60

             E-Mail:   Web-Site Contact Form

             Office Locations


Financial Ombudsman Service

             Ph:        1300 78 08 08

             E-Mail:   info@fos.org.au

             How to Lodge a Dispute