Useful Documents

This area is dedicated to forms, documents and  templates that may prove useful in our fight.

Please review these regularly for updates.

This template to the margin lender is a request for specific information and documents regarding your margin loan facility.

This document request a detailed explanation regarding loans being sold down after achieving negative equity.

This is an interesting analysis of the whole debacle and how it may affect the financial planning industry.

This document request a detailed explanation regarding a sell down of assets without have received a signature(s).

This document requests a detailed explanation regarding inaccurate data on the CGI web-site, and also break costs given

This is the Senate Estimates Hansard Transcript that is of most interest to us.

It makes for some very interesting reading … particularly where margin lending practices is concerned.

This is the letter that Lorraine wrote to John Clothier (head of CGI margin lending).

Well done Lorraine … anyone else like to get their letters published? … Let me know.

This letter written to Mr Edward Tait was written in order to clarify issues that supported our “Too Little Too Late” allegations against CBA/CGI.