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Please find below some links that may be useful in our time of need.

These are extremely trying times for all of us.† There is nothing to be ashamed about in seeking help from family, friends, or other outside organisations.

Even your fellow investors are willing and often able to help you.


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These guys are supposed to be the regulators!† If you suspect that they were asleep at the wheel, complain to them!

Beyond Blue

Depression and Anxiety are surprisingly debilitating and surprisingly common.† You might think you are strong and able to cope but even the best of us are susceptible.

Trust meÖ I know first hand!

Donít Be Afraid to ask for help.

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Centrelink is the social security office that is there to help you.† Their web-site has a lot of useful information.† You are also capable of making an appointment to get face to face advice and help.† Youíve paid your taxes Ö use them!

Life Line


Lifeline connect people to counseling, learning and information through personal service and innovative technology.† They respect everyone has a right to be heard, understood and cared for by placing services that support living and wellbeing within reach of everyone.

Salvation Army


Part of The Salvation Army's mission involves meeting human need wherever it occurs - without discrimination.† Donít be afraid to ask for help.

APS Fact Sheet

Better access to psychologists through the Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS)


Donít Be Afraid to ask for help.